5 Self-Care Tips to Improve Your Mood and Productivity

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When we are stressed out and busy looking after others, we often fail to take time for self-care. But this is a mistake.

“Self-love, self-respect, self-worth: There’s a reason they all start with ‘self.’ You can’t find them in anyone else.” ~ unknown

If we fail to look after ourselves, we can become burnt out, impatient, unproductive and ill. We are then less able to help others and achieve all we want to in life. Self-care is not something we can do without. We must make it a priority. Instead of putting yourself last all the time, try looking after yourself as you would a child in your care or a good friend.


Follow these tips to keep you balanced, healthy and happy:


Nourish yourself

You wouldn’t expect a high-performance car to run on inferior fuel and never to get a service. Shouldn’t you take at least as much care of your self? Feed yourself well and generally look after your health and well being. You only get one body and you rely on your mind, so look after them.


Watch your self-talk

We would never be negative or critical when a good friend came to us for support and advice. Yet the things we say to ourselves are often harsh and unfair. Quit the negative self-talk. You deserve better.


Limit exposure to negativity

There is a lot of bad news in the world. And there are a lot of people who dwell on all that is negative. We can easily begin to feel that the world is a terrible place. But listening to the news doesn’t give us a balanced idea of the true nature of life. There are wonderful things in this world. Seek out the good news and limit your exposure to unnecessary drama.


Make time to relax and pamper yourself

Life without any pleasure and happiness becomes a bleak way to exist. We deserve to relax and have fun some of the time. Take time to do the things you enjoy, to relax and to pamper yourself.


Laugh everyday

Laughter really is good medicine. It can lift your spirits, improve your health and help you get some perspective on life. We can’t always force ourselves to laugh, but we can try to lighten up a little. If all else fails, settle down to binge watch some comedy on TV once in a while.


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Closing thoughts

We sometimes think we don’t have time to take good care of ourselves. But study after study has shown that looking after ourselves improves our health, wellbeing, relationships and the quality of our work. Also, studies show that if we work for too long our health suffers, as do our relationships. Also when we work long hours our productivity actually goes down
So looking after ourselves can actually make us happier, nicer and more productive – isn’t it worth making that a priority?


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