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I have various roles as a founder, CEO and entrepreneur and thought it was time to work on my brand. Kelly was able to help me define my personal brand in a way that felt aligned with my values and experience and simultaneously highlighted my accomplishments appropriately. It has notably heightened my online presence positively, and as a result, opened some doors and connections for me that have created an opportunity for an exciting new venture. I’ve had very positive feedback regarding the changes I’ve made, from both my staff and clients. I enjoyed the various aspects of her programme and learned a few new things about myself! Kelly is talented, insightful and action/results-orientated, which I appreciate, and the quality of her work and team is brilliant. I have just enlisted her services to assist us with our company brand and management team.


Working with Kelly has been nothing short of transformational. I signed on for her Personal Branding campaign which has not only been so instrumental in helping me to develop and refine my personal brand, but it also gave me clarity and vision that helped me transition from organising the structure leading up to the sale of my company, to my next venture. She is a very skilled coach with a wealth of branding knowledge and as an entrepreneur and leader in my field, I needed a coach who can understand a global perspective. She continues to bring insight and a fresh perspective to my achieving my goals. I highly recommend Kelly for anyone who has a demanding life – she has been one of the best investments I’ve made.


“Kelly helped me to find my life-purpose, rediscover what lights me up and feel fully alive again. She’s the perfect balance of support and inspiration. She shows me how to thrive while giving me the tools to push into new territory on a regular basis. I’m learning so much about what I’m capable of. Very transformative!”


“I loved working with Kelly. She is efficient, positive, lives the “can do” attitude so that she never gives up either on you and your vision, or on granting what you want out of your time with her. But what impressed me is her creativity; using her amazing skills she introduces concepts that you may not have thought of before. She takes your perspective and develops it, so you create a strong brand, centred in who and what you are. The core of her work is that you shine and that you create new opportunities.“

“Kelly’s advice was transformational for me. Her encouraging style allowed me to consider and accept my authentic gifts.. for others, but more importantly for myself, allowing me to be more confident with my professional and personal brand. It’s been more than 5 years and I continue to hear her words of encouragement and guidance, helping me decide (every day).. from what to wear, to what to say, to what to do. Thanks KM!”
Dianne Clark - Trendspire, Entrepreneur

“Through my work with Kelly I was able to make noticeable adjustments that created powerful, positive changes in my life. I have a clearer direction. I feel comfortable with myself, accepted and more confident. She has a natural way with people and doing her programme added so much balance and insight to my busy, stressful life. A real life-changing experience.”


“As an avid ‘non-shopper’, I was keen to get some assistance with my personal brand and style. With a career that demands a very smart, pulled together wardrobe and brand – and fashion obsessed sisters-in-law piling on the pressure for off-duty dressing – something had to be done. Finding Kelly was a godsend. She took away all the pain – I said 2 hours was my limit – and 2 hours it was. She only showed me clothes she had pre-chosen – and that actually worked for me. She very gently persuaded me into colours & styles I would never have worn (and which I now adore) – and completely understood when I said ‘absolutely no way!’. I came away with some delicious additions to my wardrobe – admiring comments from the sisters-in-law – and a feeling of extra confidence in my professional life.”


“Kelly is amazing! Her work with me is a transformation on so many levels. I have a whole new outlook, a refined personal style and am confident about my brand.

Kelly took me through her brand building programme, each step uncovered revealing insights about me and the statement that I want to make.

She really helped me identify who I am, how I want to be represented and the message I’m conveying – insight that will stick with me forever. She helped me advance my brand, from my approach to my business and team, what I’m wearing and how I present myself, to the impression I’m making online. My personal brand now feels like it really makes the right statement about me!

Her creative and insightful approach really made this experience a lasting one. I feel more confident with my vision and my brand! I look forward to continuing to work with Kelly.”


“My recent experience with Kelly transformed me – inside and out. Initially, and perhaps naively, I thought personal branding was focused primarily on which pieces of clothing fit best with the image you were trying to project. While this is certainly an important component, the KM programme helped me to create a fantastic personal brand by going through a highly intensive process that identified my current situation and gaps on a more comprehensive level, in order to clearly define my message and my goals.

Kelly helped me to establish my Personal Brand which was central to everything we did – from developing my leadership style, to planning and auditing my current wardrobe to updating and revising my social media, Kelly’s attentiveness and knowledge helped me to achieve the goals we set out at the start. Her high energy kept me on track and I couldn’t imagine going through this with anyone else – Kelly’s approach is friendly and not pretentious – and her extensive network and solid knowledge in the industry gave me the tools I needed to make use of my new, enhanced personal brand.

I would highly recommend the experience with Kelly for anyone who feels they are a bit stuck and would like to create new opportunities for their career. I had changed careers – investment banking to real estate – and was experiencing significant growth in my business, had a baby, and I needed to incorporate being a working mother and wanted to present my brand with confidence in a new industry to my clients. My change professionally in January prompted me to contact Kelly…my only regret is that I should have done it years ago!”


“From the moment I started working with Kelly, I was impressed. I am an individual who has very limited time, travels extensively and holds my reputation as an important part of my personal and professional brand. To have someone who could raise my brand to another level in such a short time, and exceed my expectations, is quite remarkable. Kelly is the consummate professional, and her advice is invaluable, this is a process that will add meaning to your life… I highly recommend KM Personal Brand and Transformational Coaching!”


“My husband and I have really enjoyed working with Kelly on our brands over the past year. We find Kelly’s advice and input to be extremely helpful, and absolutely on-target. Working with Kelly has provided clarity on the direction of our careers, helped grow our online profiles and assisted us to define our personal styles and how we present ourselves in person as well. I really enjoy her progressive approach that gets results, not to mention the subsequent compliments! Thanks Kelly – you’re a real star!”


“Working with Kelly to review my brand was very rewarding. All of her sessions are interesting, action-based and well organised. Not only do I feel more confident about how I’m representing myself, but I know I’m investing wisely. Having KM Personal Brand and Transformational Coaching take care of my personal branding has provided me with valuable tools for redefining my leadership approach, achieving my professional goals and confidence that I’m presenting a strong brand and my best self. I highly recommend her campaign to those who want something extraordinary!”


“As a management consultant I have a very demanding schedule which involves regular travel and requires me to be at my best. As a professional woman, my brand plays a significant role in how I present my company. I was in desperate need of someone whom I could trust in helping me to raise my visibility online and help me create a powerful personal brand that also fit with my company.

KM Personal Brand and Transformational Coaching surpassed my expectations. Kelly understood my industry and niche and was able to get the results I wanted within the timeframe we set out. I’m delighted to recommend her as I think this is such a valuable investment as a business owner.”


“My entire experience with Kelly has been wonderful. Kelly’s attention to detail and astute branding knowledge is exceptional. Kelly first helped to clarify my goals and identity. We then looked at my online presence, social media profiles and how I present myself in person. Each session was inspiring and thought-provoking. It helped me get clearer on what I want to achieve in my personal and professional life, and take definite steps in making changes.

I’ve been so thrilled with the results. My online network has grown substantially and new opportunities are opening up as a result of my work with Kelly. Developing my brand has been so rewarding as I now feel confident showing up in any situation, whether it be someone looking me up online, or stepping into a room full of people to give a  talk. I feel I’m being properly represented and my true self. People have noticed the positive changes too and I’ve received countless compliments on and offline! I would highly recommend Kelly for anyone who is interested in updating their personal brand. You will be amazed at the transformation.”