I Am AWESOME: A How-to Guide For Practicing Self-Care



You work too hard, and seemingly endless busy days keep you burning the candle at both ends with everyday responsibilities and challenges. When it comes to ME time you cannot find the perfect moment as you are too busy being overwhelmed by everyday life or too exhausted at the end of the day. You find it hard to STOP and lift yourself back up to SELF-CARE. Does this sound familiar? But imagine how much more energy, vitality and joy you’d have to share, if you too sometime to recharge. Life is busy and can wear you out if you let it, but it can also be so wonderfully fulfilling if you schedule in some ME time and literally give yourself a break! And remember you are worth some self-love and self-care– you are AWESOME!


It’s all about being good to yourself

It can be a morning routine or small afternoon practice. Be good to yourself by incorporating self-care exercises – hit the gym, go for run, take small, mindful breaks and breathe or simply start with an intense walk. Getting active increases endorphins and refreshes your mind. Your body will also thank you!

Focus on attitude to gratitude

Strengthen self-care by noticing your self-talk and thoughts. A happy state of mind goes hand and hand with recognising and honouring your own needs. Is a lot of your self-talk negative, discouraging? What are you missing? What could make you feel better? If you struggle to express gratitude, note the things that you feel lucky to have. Get back to your journal and thank others who make your life brighter and yourself for every accomplishment.


self-care guide


How-to self-care guide

The secret of ‘how-to’ lies in focusing on your needs and being kind to yourself. An important part of self-care is being open to continually learn and grow and let go of mistakes.

  1. Create your self-care plan and be sure to make it fun. Start now!
  2. Make your self-care a daily routine, even if it’s something small – take 15 min for yourself
  3. Celebrate and acknowledge every act of self-care and inspire others.

These simple steps can pull you closer to being your best self. It’s essential to take care of yourself just like you would a close friend and keep your self-talk positive. And remember – you are AWESOME! Start celebrating yourself. What are you waiting for?


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