Minimalism: Classy, Luxurious, Calming


Minimalism: design or style which utilises the fewest elements to create a maximum effect.


A craze that has taken the world by storm, incorporated into many a celebrity’s home and may just be the style you are looking for. I get it, you want to live a life of luxury, and why not? But sometimes the bells and whistles leave you a little bamboozled and you need some time to just be still, but struggle to even find the space in your own home?


That’s where minimalism comes in. De-cluttering our lives of the unnecessary and embracing only what we truly need. But fear not- this does not mean you surround yourself with no material possessions whatsoever, nor does it mean your household is full of old and worn furniture.


While minimalism can become an entire lifestyle in itself, I am not so much suggesting you limit yourself to under 100 items to begin to value what truly matters more. However, I have a fondness for the design style and it’s soothing, simplistic and open nature.


By stripping your living space down to it’s most simplistic of features you can create a space that opens up your heart, mind and soul. Removing the busyness that often characterises life can in turn prompt a calm that unwinds and rejuvenates the spirit. 



In focusing on space, colour and basic design elements you can easily create spaces to encourage a home of contentment that still allows for elegance and entertainment.



But how can this be achieved?


  • You might notice many people who incorporate this design into their homes utilise lots of whites, pale pinks and natural woody tones. Yet as long as you stick to a colour palette it doesn’t really matter.
  • Mirrors are a great way to open up a room, while adding a sense of class and you can use the frame to add to the décor of the space. The Cozy Minimalist discusses this in more detail.
  • Think about space. This article by Vanseo Design articulates the different ways space can be used to convey meaning, which can make or break the effect you are trying to achieve, particularly if you wish to convey an idea of class and luxury.


Minimalism, in it’s essence is using less to do more and in the busy world we live in, nothing could be more helpful.



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