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Brand Building – Company & Professional Branding

Build Your Brand to make the impact you want and set you apart from the competition.  Company and Professional Branding London. Inspire to lead. Transform.  Make your first impression your best impression.

KM Personal Brand and Transformational Coaching works with companies and leaders to assist with brand building, communication, group dynamics and optimising revenues by maximizing your company’s brand and leadership presence. I offer comprehensive, interactive brand building workshops such as employee personal branding, employee appreciation and empowerment and C-Suite personal and professional branding and coaching, as well as and brand reputation management, customised according to your specific objectives.

  • Building and refining your company brand to set you apart
  • Building and utilising employee personal brands so they are aligned with the company’s brand, values and mission
  • Employee empowerment and appreciation – your employees are your brand ambassadors
  • The art of communication and group dynamics
  • Inspire to lead – developing leadership presence
  • C-Suite personal and professional branding
  • Transform – Bringing out the best in your team
  • Brand Reputation Management – Branding Social Media Campaigns
  • Grow your company’s reach and opportunities
  • Facilitating change
  • Building a high-performance culture



  • Defining the leadership landscape of the C-suite to harness the power of their personal and professional brands and showcase brand mission and authenticity for a powerful impact
  • Bespoke Branding Social Media Campaigns – aligned with your unique Personal and Professional Brand. Elevate your profile and brand, increase exposure and make the impact you want
  • Brand building – Refine and manage your company brand and reputation through its online presence

Team Building & Training

  • How to build your Personal Brand – Empower your employees and create a broader reach for your company brand and increased opportunities for growth by getting noticed by new audiences. In this workshop, your employees will learn how to craft and refine their personal brands as representatives of your company, and how they can position themselves as thought-leaders aligned with the company brand, values and mission
  • Employee Appreciation & Empowerment – Your employees are your brand ambassadors and most powerful stakeholder group. Empower them with this brand building training workshop to become thought leaders and show them just how valued they are. Utilise your staff online presence by showing them how to best showcase their expertise, experience, authenticity and talent. Increase confidence, unity and inspire commitment to work toward a common vision and goal
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