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Tallulah Lingerie

Award winning Independent Lingerie Boutique; Tallulah, is located in Islington, London.

If there’s one thing that Tallulah knows best, it’s women. As Islington’s first and finest lingerie boutique, it’s here where you’ll find a glistening treasure trove of sumptuous luxury and style.Nestled in fashionable Cross Street, Tallulah knows just how to cast her expert eye to find the best styles and sizes to enhance each and every one of her clients’ natural attributes.

From it’s opening in 2003, Tallulah has helped her many customers find just what they’re looking for. Owner Nicola Adams was inspired to launch Tallulah over 10 years ago by her passion for beautiful lingerie, coupled with her frustration over not finding quality pieces that fit well. As a fashion buyer Nicola spent much time traveling, viewing the work of emerging and established talents. With Tallulah, Nicola was able to fulfil her dream, by opening an intimate shopping haven to showcase some of the world’s celebrated designers and brands.

Nicola Adams opened Tallulah having worked on shop floors in Bond Street Shops and cute little Independent Boutiques in Islington- Always dressing beautiful women in clothes to compliment many different figures. Although what she really wanted to do was to address their wrong underwear situation. “I could never understand why women would spend so much time and money on their outerwear, when really, it was the lingerie where they really needed help. The Foundation basics are so important, always start with the correct shape (and size) lingerie” says Nicola, “And it doesn’t matter what you have on top!”

As a busy Mother of two Nicola has a keen eye for beautiful design and an incredibly generous nature in fitting women of all shapes and incomes. No one leaves feeling anything less than a bounce in their step.

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