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Vicki Edgson Nutrition

Vicki Edgson is regarded as one of the most informed and published nutritional therapists and authors in the UK. She has held her clinics in London for the last 18 years, and has been a visiting expert at various leading hotels around the world, hosting retreats and workshops. She has also co-hosted two major TV series – Fat Nation for BBC1 and BBC3, as well as Diet Doctors Inside and Out. She has, to date, written 7 books on health and nutrition, including several titles under The Food Doctor brand, which she co-founded in 1999, and more recently, the international best-seller ‘Honestly Healthy’ which has hit the top of the Best-seller charts in several countries. Her forthcoming book, Vital Energy, will be released in January 2014.

She is known for her frank and open attitude to good health through great food and her knowledge in the fields of complementary health, biochemistry of the body, and world foods is extensive. She is passionate about real food, choosing always to highlight the positive nature of what the right foods can contribute to the body, and simply eschewing anything that cannot be found in Nature. Her enthusiasm for health is infectious, and her youthful appearance belies her years.

Her clientele is broad, including politicians, and celebrities in all areas of film, stage and the performing arts, but she prides herself in never divulging their identities to the Press or otherwise, regarding personal privacy to the highest degree. She contributes to the KM programmes when size and shape are an issue, or certain goals have to be met for personal or professional reasons. As an advocate of ageing beautifully and naturally, she brings as added element to any transformation.

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