Ways to Find Your Life Purpose

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Some of us have a hard time finding our life purpose. Luckily, we can often find clues to our deeper purpose hidden in our current lives.

If you feel a general sense of dissatisfaction or are lacking energy and enthusiasm for life it could be that you are missing out on your life purpose. Fortunately, if you truly want to find your deeper purpose in life, there are a few simple ways to make a start.

Try one or more of these ways to find your life purpose:


Remember what you loved to do as a child

Sometimes, we lose track of our dreams because of social pressure as we grow up. One way to find out what we truly desire to do is to remember what we loved to do as a child. Perhaps you loved to draw, bake or build elaborate models from construction toys. These childhood pleasures can remind us of what we truly love to do. Once we have rediscovered them, we can begin to incorporate them into our current lives.


Find clues in your hobbies and interests

Often, the things we love to do, or we wish we could do, are hints at our life goals. Perhaps you have a cupboard full of sports gear, art supplies, stacks of cookery books, or something you used to love to do. If so, there is a reason you were moved to buy or try them. See if there is a way to incorporate more of your hobbies into your life. You can adjust your schedule to make more time for them, turn them into a side business – or even make your hobby your new career.


Browse magazines and bookshops

If you are still stuck, try browsing magazines or bookshops. Which subjects appeal to you? Visit your library and bring home a few books on subjects you are interested in so you can investigate further.


Look to your heroes

Another way to discover your deeper desires is to think about the people you admire most. Whether they’re entrepreneurs, statesmen, carers or creatives, chances are if you admire their work you might be happy doing something similar.


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Try a stream of consciousness journal

Writing things down can sometimes give you new insights. When we just write what comes into our heads we can tap into our inner desires. Write about anything that comes to mind and see what you unearth. You could try writing with your non-dominant hand as this can sometimes help to bypass our conscious mind. You may also like to paint, draw or collect images of your thoughts and ideas if writing is not your thing.

Your life purpose is yours and yours alone. No one can tell you how to live your life. If you believe in yourself and begin to make small steps to creating change toward your deepest desires, you can discover new ways to live your life more in tune with your dreams and life purpose.


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