What still has the power to surprise and delight you?

surprise and delight


What do you imagine when you think of ‘surprise and delight’? These concepts evoke many thoughts that crop up in many different areas of life, there’s even an entire marketing strategy based around this very idea! And yet, when it comes to our personal and professional lives, we often shy away from the possibility of surprise or uncertainty. Of not knowing what lies ahead.

Instead we place so much importance on routine; getting our lives in order and always keeping them that way. But the truth is, a rigid routine can have just as negative an impact on us as being completely unorganised can.

In fact, we often find that the best jobs, career paths, relationships etc. are the ones that still have the power to surprise and delight us! To throw new opportunities our way, and though we might be unsure at first from stepping aside from routine or expectation which can feel scary, these situations often throw out the most delightful results.

Below is a quote from Paulo Coelho, sums this sentiment up nicely:

“If you think adventure is dangerous, you should try routine. It’s lethal.” – Paulo Coelho


However,  I’m not suggesting that you set aside routine and throw your diary out the window. After all, no one can function without a certain amount of organisation in their life. Especially if you hope to succeed in your career. Instead, it’s about surrounding yourself with people that put out positive energy and inspire you. People that every now and then, still have the ability to surprise and delight you.


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It’s about choosing a career path that’s not going to lead you down a trail of routine, predictability and ultimately, apathy towards what you’re doing. The best way to remain creative and passionate is by making great choices that allow you to be spontaneous and wake up every day feeling excited about the possibilities the day could bring.

So I ask you this, what still has the power to surprise and delight you? If the answer is ‘nothing’ then it could be time to shake things up! We often speak about setting ourselves goals, in both our professional and personal life. So why not consider that one of your goals could be to step out of your comfort zone? You might even surprise and delight yourself.


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