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Design Your Life. Develop Your Brand.

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Are you making the Impact you want?

KM Personal Brand and Transformational Coaching provides a leading international approach to personal branding, professional and company brand building, and transformational leadership coaching offering bespoke services, programmes and coaching for individuals and corporations. I work with outstanding people who want to live extraordinary lives committed to becoming the best version of themselves – stepping into their personal power fully. My bespoke services are especially aimed at those seeking to make a dynamic impact through brand creation and refinement, personal branding and leadership and transformational coaching.

I provide high-quality, uniquely tailored personal branding, professional and company brand building, as well as transformational leadership coaching practices that are convenient, success-focused and designed to be easily incorporated into everyday life. With one-to-one and group coaching, seminars, bespoke programmes and services, clients benefit through personal branding, brand creation and refinement, and transformational development uniquely designed to empower them to become their absolute best self. I can help you to transform yourself to create the life you want and deserve, inspire and lead others, elevate your brand, and unleash your true greatness – accelerating your success and creating a life you love.

My Personal branding London based coaching services and programmes are tailored to assist you to identify your individual and or company’s needs, goals, blind spots, and to design your life and brand using a results-orientated approach that incorporates your mission, personality and story.  My proven branding and transformational strategies – along with my effective coaching techniques, will empower you authentically; increasing confidence and self-awareness, elevate your brand – enabling you to have your own dynamic impact, and accelerate your success by eliciting your true greatness.

“I loved working with Kelly. She is efficient, positive, lives the “can do” attitude so that she never gives up either on you and your vision, or on granting what you want out of your time with her. But what impressed me is her creativity; using her amazing skills she introduces concepts that you may not have thought of before. She takes your perspective and develops it, so you create a strong brand, centred in who and what you are. The core of her work is that you shine and that you create new opportunities.“


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