branding professional londonkm transformationalCreate your extraordinary

Personal Branding
is critical to success
and intrinsically
connected to your
company brand

Clearly defining your
brand identity
will empower you to
showcase your

Clearly defining your brand identity will empower you to showcase your

branding professional londonkm transformationalCreate your extraordinary

Empower your
facilitate your
purpose and
exceed your

We help you attract opportunities and new possibilities to reach your next
level of success

We help you attract
opportunities and
new possibilities to
reach your next
level of success

Create the
and make
the impact
you want

branding professional londonkm transformationalCreate your extraordinary

Our tools support
connecting your
target audience
and customers
with your brand

We've developed a
proprietary suite of
business tools and
branding modules that
are the framework
for accelerating
your success

We've developed a proprietary suite of business tools and branding modules that are the framework
for accelerating
your success

"Your brand is your voice today; a powerful enabler which establishes trust, credibility, inspiration and success in your field. If you want to make an impact that sets you apart, having a strong personal and professional brand is no longer a luxury but a necessity."

- Kelly Millar - Founder, international Branding and Transformation Specialist


KM Transformational Branding provides a leading international approach to personal branding, company brand building and public relations. We are highly experienced across branding, pr, transformation and thought leadership, offering bespoke services, programmes and campaigns for individuals and corporations. We work with outstanding people and enterprises who want to live, be and create the extraordinary.

I am a branding and transformation specialist and my purpose is to help you discover and develop your greatest resources to create and express a dynamic, cohesive brand that stands out and gets real results. With the combined talents of my exceptional team, we provide bespoke services especially aimed at those seeking to make an impact through brand creation, strategy and visibility, public relations, personal branding and transformational empowerment. 

Our Unique approach

We have developed a proprietary suite of business tools and programmes which are the framework for a bespoke brand strategy and process which includes:

Brand Analysis & Development





Our uniquely tailored branding and transformation practices work from the inside-out, from conception to implementation.

Providing you with a vision, clarity and your differentiators

Delivering a competitive advantage

Empowering your authenticity

Unlocking the power, potential and value of your brand


Available online

With bespoke programmes and campaigns, one-to-one and group training, webinars and workshops, clients benefit through personal branding, brand creation and refinement, thought leadership and transformational development uniquely designed to empower them to become their absolute best self.  We can help you to transform your brand and amplify your visibility in order to make the impact you want, inspire and lead others, develop a cohesive message with purpose, elevate your brand and elicit your true greatness – accelerating your success and creating the extraordinary.


We have over 14 years of experience

Our personal branding London based services and programmes are tailored to assist you to identify your individual and or company’s needs, goals and blind spots, and to design an effective brand strategy through clarity, alignment, growth and visibility using a results-orientated approach that incorporates your message, values and story. 

Our proven branding and transformational strategies – along with our effective communications techniques will empower you authentically; creating meaning and purpose, elevating your brand – enabling you to make the impact you want, accelerate your success and stand out in the digital age.

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professional coaching

Bespoke Personal Branding Programmes

Designed to accelerate your success by connecting your goals and personal brand to the power of your authentic self.

as seen in

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More than a decade of personal branding experience

KM Transformational Branding was first opened in Canada in 2005, and now operates from London, UK with an international presence through online services.

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Success stories

“I loved working with Kelly. She is efficient, positive, lives the “can do” attitude so that she never gives up either on you and your vision.. but what impressed me is her creativity; using her amazing skills she introduces concepts that you may not have thought of before. She takes your perspective and develops it, so you create a strong brand, centred in who and what you are."

Nabila Hantash – Vice President

“I have various roles as a founder, CEO and entrepreneur and thought it was time to work on my brand. Kelly was able to help me define my personal brand in a way that felt aligned with my values and experience and simultaneously highlighted my accomplishments appropriately. It has opened some doors and connections for me that have created an opportunity for an exciting new venture!"

Paul Barnett, Founder, CEO, Entrepreneur – London

“Working with Kelly has been nothing short of transformational. I signed on for her Personal Branding campaign which has not only been so instrumental in helping me to develop and refine my personal brand, but it also gave me clarity and vision that helped me transition from organising the structure leading up to the sale of my company, to my next venture. She has been one of the best investments I’ve made.”

Vince Baczor, Company Director – Lease Solution, London

"Each session was inspiring and thought-provoking. It helped me get clearer on what I want to achieve in my personal and professional life, and take definite steps in making changes. I’ve been so thrilled with the results. My online network has grown substantially and new opportunities are opening up as a result of my work with Kelly...I now feel confident showing up in any situation."

Kerry – RBC Senior Executive

“Kelly helped me to find my life-purpose, rediscover what lights me up and feel fully alive again. She’s the perfect balance of support and inspiration. She shows me how to thrive while giving me the tools to push into new territory on a regular basis. I’m learning so much about what I’m capable of. Very transformative!”

Kate Underhill, CEO – London

“Kelly is the consummate branding and communications professional: she has a unique focus on personal branding, transformation and human growth. She works with like-minded individuals and corporations, bringing together the best of her team and transforming her clients into thought leaders and public advocates of their purpose, thus amplifying their voice across all channels. Definitely recommend her if you are looking to take your brand and your cause to the next level.”


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