Testimonials & Client Stories


ceo - london

In June 2017 my client Melinda started our Personal Branding Bespoke Premium Programme. She was a well-respected senior associate for the big four with a passion for fintech and was looking to move into a c-suite role through building her brand. We helped her shift her mindset from that of an unrecognised associate to stepping into a new role as a CEO. “I knew I had the skills and expertise to be in the c-suite, but I was struggling to step out of my comfort zone and take the necessary steps to make the change and go for what I really wanted. I was comfortable as a senior associate, but not fulfilled. I needed my brand to reflect my expertise, objectives and purpose.”

Exactly 8 months after completing the programme, Melinda landed her dream role at a multinational bank – a company that she had aspired to work with for many years. Now regarded as an authority in her niche, Melinda was asked to write a book and invited to give talks on international stages including TED.  She stepped into the public sphere in her sector where she was now a regular interviewee for prestigious publications and media segments - an impressive transformation in a short 14 months. Melinda continues to implement the action steps from the programme and furthers her work with KMT in a regular branding strategy capacity and monthly branding social media campaign, to keep herself on track with her brand and goals.

- Kelly

“I loved working with Kelly..using her amazing skills and team, she introduces concepts that you may not have thought of before. They take your perspective and develop it, so you create a strong brand, centred in who and what you are."

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“Kelly and her team took the time to understand me as a person and helped me clarify my brand messaging, vision and purpose. The KMT team helped me to establish a strong personal brand which continues to grow. They created great looking videos and a full brand book providing value for years to come. My online presence has been boosted and I now have a distinctive visual brand identity that stands out. KMT is willing to go the extra mile for me as a client, and I feel as though they are truly in my corner. If you are looking to get results with your personal branding, I would highly recommend Kelly and her team.”

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David Rajakovic
Co-Founder of ReKreate

Kelly is the consummate branding and communications professional. She works with individuals and corporations, bringing together the best of her team and transforming her clients into thought leaders and public advocates of their purpose..amplifying their voice across all channels. Definitely recommend her if you are looking to take your brand and your cause to the next level.

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Entrepreneur - London/Zurich/NYC

In 2018 we began work with my client Jan, an accomplished director and business owner with a passion for tech, who was looking to expand his business through building his brand. He signs on to The Personal Brand Bespoke Premium Programme™ where he began his journey of building an authentic, powerful brand to raise his profile and expand his company. We worked with him through various aspects of the programme, which ultimately enabled a change in his mindset from that of a business owner to stepping into his role as the face of the company and a leader.

The year after completing the programme, Jan’s business experienced an incredible 140% increase in their success rate – and was named the fastest growing innovation consultancy in Europe by the COST Association, an impressive feat to accomplish for a young consultancy. Jan still implements the action steps from the programme and continues to work with KMT for a on-going high-impact PR & Thought Leadership Campaign, Branding Social Media Management as well as quarterly branding maintenance modules, to keep himself and his company front and centre in his niche.

- Kelly

I’m so glad I chose KMT for my personal branding journey. Developing my brand with Kelly and her team has been an amazing experience for me. With their highly effective social and PR initiatives, they enabled me to grow my digital brand presence, get in front of the right audience as a thought leader, and take my personal brand to the next level. They went above and beyond to ensure my brand identity was distinctive and to position me as a thought leader. You have to hire them, they will build an incredible personal brand for you that stands out from the crowd and gets you results!

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Sam Wellalage
Founder - WorkInCrypto

“Kelly and her team are amazing! Their work with me is a transformation on so many levels. They helped me advance my brand, from my approach to my business and team, my messaging to the impression I’m making online. My brand now feels like it really makes the right statement about me."

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“Working with KMT has been nothing short of transformational. I signed on for the Personal Branding campaign which has been so instrumental in helping me to develop and refine my personal brand.. They have been one of the best investments I’ve made.”

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ENTREPRENEUR - Boutique Realtor

“My recent experience with Kelly and her team transformed me – inside and out. The KMT programme helped me to create a fantastic personal brand by going through a highly intensive process that identified my current situation and gaps on a more comprehensive level, in order to clearly define my vision and my goals.

Establishing my Personal Brand was central to everything we did – from developing my leadership style, to defining my messaging and values, revising my social media channels to increasing my brand visibility with a targeted PR Campaign. Their extensive experience and knowledge helped me to achieve the goals we set out at the start.

I would highly recommend working with KMT for anyone who feels they are a bit stuck and would like to create new opportunities for their career. I had changed careers – investment banking to real estate – and was experiencing significant growth in my business, had a baby, and I needed to incorporate being a working mother and wanted to present my brand and expertise with confidence in a new sector to my clients and other industry leaders. My change professionally in January prompted me to contact Kelly…my only regret is that I should have done it years ago!”

“Kelly was able to help me define my personal brand in a way that felt aligned with my values and experience and simultaneously highlighted my accomplishments appropriately. Kelly is talented, insightful and action/results-orientated, which I appreciate, and the quality of her work and team is brilliant.”

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“Through working with the KMT team, we've been able to substantially increase our brand visibility and presence. Definitely an exceptional PR and social media team that knows their stuff and gets results. We've already noticed a positive impact on our company in the first few months. A real brand and business revitalisation so far!"

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Founder, CEO - London/Rome

“Working with KMT to review my brand was very rewarding. Their sessions are interesting, action-based and well organised. I now feel more confident about how I’m representing myself and I know I’m investing wisely. It's given me tools for redefining my leadership approach and confidence that I’m presenting a strong brand and my best self."

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“We’ve found a true partner in KMT. As a result of the numerous media opportunities, bylined articles, and speaking and panel discussions KMT secured for us, we have seen our business grow. Our brand recognition has greatly increased since they are always one step ahead. We have seen an increase in new business as a direct result. Thank you, KMT!”

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"Each session was inspiring and thought-provoking. It helped me get clearer on what I want to achieve professionally, and take definite steps in making changes. I’ve been so thrilled with the results..new opportunities are opening up as a result of my work with KMT. I now feel confident showing up in any situation."

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“As a management consultant and professional woman, my brand plays a significant role in how I present my company. Kelly and her team understood my industry and niche and were able to get the results I wanted within the timeframe we set out. I’m delighted to recommend them as I think this is such a valuable investment as a business owner.”

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