Brand Building - Professional & Company Branding

Personal Branding & Brand Building

Brand Building - Professional & Company Branding

Build your brand to make the impact you want. Set yourself apart from the competition in this new business era. We offer professional and company branding in London. Or access our international business branding services virtually via Zoom video conferencing.

👉 Inspire and lead in your industry

👉 Innovate and build a high-performance, authentic company culture

👉 Reimagine to demonstrate authenticity and incorporate ESG and sustainability levers into your brand

KM Transformational Branding works with companies and leaders to assist in brand building, public relations and culture dynamics. We drive revenue growth through value creation, visibility and digital brand presence. In addition to our signature brand building strategic process, we offer comprehensive, interactive transformation and brand development webinars and workshops. Among these are employee appreciation, empowerment and personal branding, unlocking the power of purpose, C-suite - leveraging your personal brand to boost your company brand, transformation coaching and brand reputation enhancement. These are all customised according to your specific objectives.

  • Building, refining and humanising your company brand to set you apart
  • Aligning or distinguishing your personal and company brands
  • Building employee presence to align with the company’s brand, values and messaging
  • Employee empowerment and appreciation – turning employees into brand ambassadors
  • Bespoke PR campaigns to amplify your brand visibility
  • Developing an inspiring leadership presence
  • C-suite personal and professional branding
  • Executing brand transformation to stand out in the digital age
  • Brand reputation enhancement – PR & branding social media campaigns
  • Value creation - grow your company’s reach and opportunities
  • Facilitating change and making a positive environmental and social impact
  • Building a high-performance, authentic culture

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Success stories

“Kelly and her team are amazing! Their work with me is a transformation on so many levels. They helped me advance my brand, from my approach to my business and team, my messaging to the impression I’m making online. My brand now feels like it really makes the right statement about me."

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“From the moment I started working with KMT, I was impressed. I am an individual who has very limited time, travels extensively and holds my reputation as an important part of my personal and professional brand. To have an agency who could raise my brand to another level in such a short time, and exceed my expectations, is quite remarkable."

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“Working with KMT to review my brand was very rewarding. Their sessions are interesting, action-based and well organised. I now feel more confident about how I’m representing myself and I know I’m investing wisely. It's given me tools for redefining my leadership approach and confidence that I’m presenting a strong brand and my best self."

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