Personal Branding & Online Presence
Personal Branding & Brand Building

Personal Branding & Online Presence

A Personal Brand is the complete experience of someone having a relationship with your mission, who you are, and what you represent as an individual and leader. It is fundamentally connected to your professional brand. Your personal brand is essential for your next level of success, for the advancement of your career and development as an authoritative influence. Having a personal brand is a necessary part of leadership and acts as a powerful enabler. It transforms your life in positive ways by providing a vision, clarity and your own dynamic impact. If you are in a leadership role in any area of your life, are an entrepreneur, senior management or if you are looking to take the next big step in your life and make a change of any kind — you have a personal brand. Don't let your brand be defined for you - take control and decide what your brand says about you, and make the impact you want.

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I analyse your present brand and assist you to develop an effective, powerful personal brand in alignment with who you are and your ambitions. I show you how to best promote yourself and your life to the world by helping you design and shape your personalised trademark and create awareness online in order to reach your goals and target market effectively.

  • Analyse your present brand and uncover & develop an effective, powerful, authentic personal brand
  • Tailored rebranding for launches & transitions
  • Help you design/refine and shape your personalised trademark
  • Create online awareness in order to reach your target market effectively
  • Thought Leadership
  • Social Media analysis and development
  • Bespoke branding Social Media campaigns
  • Customised Personal Branding coaching

Success stories

“I loved working with Kelly..using her amazing skills she introduces concepts that you may not have thought of before. She takes your perspective and develops it, so you create a strong brand, centred in who and what you are."

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“Kelly was able to help me define my personal brand in a way that felt aligned with my values and experience and simultaneously highlighted my accomplishments appropriately. Kelly is talented, insightful and action/results-orientated, which I appreciate, and the quality of her work and team is brilliant.”

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“Working with Kelly has been nothing short of transformational. I signed on for her Personal Branding campaign which has been so instrumental in helping me to develop and refine my personal brand.. She has been one of the best investments I’ve made.”

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