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Branding Social Media Campaigns

Using social media is an essential part of amplifying your online presence and brand visibility, but it has to be done strategically. We harness the power of social media and devise a bespoke strategy for you. This delivers a memorable first impression, raises brand awareness and attracts the attention of influencers and leaders in your industry.

Our social media marketing team will help you to formulate a path to achieve your objectives — firstly by being selective about using the right channels purposefully, and then by creating online collateral that will elevate your brand positioning to make a powerful impact and foster long-term relationships with your target audience, industry players and influencers. 

  • Bespoke branding social media campaign management aligned with your unique personal brand or company brand
  • We design and refine your profiles and do as much or as little of the researching, writing, engaging and producing as you want
  • As a branding agency, we understand that your social media activity has to be unique, authentic and distinctive in order to amplify your brand’s reputation and visibility 
  • Connecting with influencers in your industry, increasing followers, connections and producing compelling, unique, customised posts that drive engagement for a dynamic impact
  • Ensuring that all posts are in your own tone and voice and aligned with the brand messaging and values
  • Increasing your visibility, credibility and profitability

👉   6 months of our strategic social media marketing campaign will elevate your personal/ business profile and visibility exponentially - saving you years of networking time and high-cost advertising.

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Success stories

Kelly is the consummate branding and communications professional. She works with individuals and corporations, bringing together the best of her team and transforming her clients into thought leaders and public advocates of their purpose..amplifying their voice across all channels. Definitely recommend her if you are looking to take your brand and your cause to the next level.

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“I loved working with Kelly..using her amazing skills and team, she introduces concepts that you may not have thought of before. They take your perspective and develop it, so you create a strong brand, centred in who and what you are."

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“Through working with the KMT team, we've been able to substantially increase our brand visibility and presence. Definitely an exceptional PR and social media team that knows their stuff and gets results. We've already noticed a positive impact on our company in the first few months. A real brand and business revitalisation so far!"

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Founder, CEO - London/Rome