Workshops & Webinars

Personal Branding & Brand Building

Workshops & Webinars

KM Transformational Branding Consultancy provides bespoke, inspiring, human-centric learning and team-building workshops, webinars and master classes. These are designed to motivate and empower your teams in an engaging, interactive way. We deliver on-site or virtual learning solutions tailored to ‌your‌ ‌specific business needs.

Our experiential learning pathways immerse participants in an integral journey. Our goal is to improve analytical skills, inspire innovation, overcome challenges and create frameworks that drive more meaningful connection, high performance, and growth.

Workshops and Webinars

  • Define the leadership landscape of the C-suite to harness the power of their personal and professional brands. Showcase brand messaging, values and authenticity for a more powerful impact
  • Stand out in the digital crowd and leverage your personal brand to boost your company visibility in this new business era
  • Build, refine and communicate your brand story and vision. Enhance your strategic focus, inspire your people to action and grow your company brand and reputation by strengthening your online presence

Team Building
  • Branding Principles Immersive - Clarify and learn how to strategically integrate your company value proposition, core values, brand promise and messaging. Unlock the power of your purpose and identify new growth opportunities
  • How To Build Your Personal Brand – Empower your employees and create a broader reach for your company brand with increased opportunities for growth through exposure to new audiences. In this workshop, your employees will learn how to craft and refine their personal brands as representatives of your company. They’ll explore how they can position themselves as thought-leaders aligned with the company brand, values and mission
  • Employee Appreciation & Empowerment – Your employees are your brand ambassadors and most powerful stakeholder group. Empower them with this brand building training workshop to become thought leaders. Show them just how valued they are. Utilise your team’s online presence by inspiring them to showcase their expertise, experience, authenticity and talent effectively. Increase confidence, unity and commitment to work toward a common vision and goal
  • Leverage Your Value Proposition - Explore using your canvas to generate ideas, build brand awareness and presence. Leverage the collective intelligence of your most valuable resource: your people. A fun, interactive, empowering learning experience that gets results

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Success stories

“As a management consultant and professional woman, my brand plays a significant role in how I present my company. Kelly and her team understood my industry and niche and were able to get the results I wanted within the timeframe we set out. I’m delighted to recommend them as I think this is such a valuable investment as a business owner.”

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“Kelly was able to help me define my personal brand in a way that felt aligned with my values and experience and simultaneously highlighted my accomplishments appropriately. Kelly is talented, insightful and action/results-orientated, which I appreciate, and the quality of her work and team is brilliant.”

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“My entire experience with KMT has been wonderful. Kelly’s attention to detail and astute branding knowledge is exceptional. I’ve been so thrilled with the results. I now feel confident showing up in any situation, whether it be someone looking me up online, or stepping into a room full of people to give a talk."

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