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As a highly experienced and dedicated personal branding specialist, brand builder and transformational coach, my primary goal is to empower you by assisting you transform to create the extraordinary in your life and in your business, to elevate your brand and inspire and lead – enabling you to make a dynamic impact and achieve your next level of success.

I offer unique, high-quality personal branding consultant London based services and transformational leadership coaching with a prime commitment of facilitating you to discover and develop your greatest resources, raise your brand and achieve your most important goals.

Using a comprehensive approach to personal branding, brand building and transformational leadership coaching, I get to know my clients and determine their particular needs and objectives. Drawing on years of coaching experience in the personal branding and wellbeing spaces, I help each client create a more confident, dynamic self and brand, that reflects their values, strengths and ambitions.

Beyond my regular services, KM Transformational Branding offers The Branding Bespoke Premium Programme™, an exclusive system that provides superior results to ensure a powerful brand impact. Using a 360 approach, it gives you action-based real results creating/refining and establishing your brand as relevant, influential and aligned with your core values and goals.

what we believe

"Most importantly, your brand’s longevity and success is rooted in your authenticity - being willing to show up and be seen for the things that you are most passionate about."


Kelly Millar

Founder, Personal Branding Specialist, Brand Builder & Transformational Coach

As founder and principal of KM Transformational Branding, Kelly brings over 14 years of international branding, psychodynamic training and leadership coaching experience to her work. Her coaching sensibilities and visionary approach to personal branding, professional and company brand building, and wellbeing are truly international, resulting from time spent working and studying in the UK, Canada, US, Spain, The Netherlands and South Africa.

Her international branding, psychodynamic training and work experience as a brand builder, personal branding and transformational coach, combined with her diverse range of higher education over 8 years has provided her with the requisite knowledge and unique combination of skills needed to assist clients in building and elevating their brands, achieving their goals and to realise the best version of themselves. A leading personal branding expert known for her warm professional approach, Kelly has coached hundreds of people including entrepreneurs, leaders, influencers, celebrities and CEOs, given advice on TV, radio and also contributes regularly to international media syndicates as an authority in the branding and wellbeing spaces.

Through her various affiliations with hand-picked suppliers and her talented team, she provides clients with unique advantages and tools, while assisting them to make the impact they want by creating a dynamic brand, inspire and lead, achieve their most important goals and become their absolute best self. Kelly is renowned for her innate creativity and drive, branding savvy, intuitiveness, and passion for personal development and style.

Through one-to-one and group coaching, personal branding expert London based services, as well as workshops and bespoke programmes, she assists clients to create and refine compelling, authentic personal, professional and company brands that stand out, thrive and accelerate success in their lives, and to empower them through a process of self-understanding and action. A visionary, innovative coach, Kelly will give you the tools you need to make the impact you want.

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