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Lessen your options: How to be discerning and become more focused

Kelly Millar
March 12, 2019

Discerning – selective, enlightened, sharp. How can you be discerning and more focused on achieving your goal? There are big advantages to being choosy when it comes to decision-making. Let’s take a look at how to be discerning and why it will help your focus.

Taking a moment to think something through is never going to be a bad thing. It is easy to slip into a decision that is not really what you want. When you choose to be discerning, you allow yourself the space to check your options and consider which choice will suit you best. When you do that, you are making room to build your own personal branding. Your identity and path, on your terms.

How do you do that? How to be discerning and become more focused?

Take time out: It is easy to think that there is only one way to do things. Just one way to be. Not only is that not true, it is also the quickest way to end up miserable and unfulfilled.

Instead, enter decisions with an open mind. As you run through the alternatives, give yourself time to chew them over, seeing which aligns to what you truly want to do, deep in your soul.

Search yourself: You are probably not used to asking yourself what you want or need. When we do, it is often surprising. Look at the lives of successful leaders and entrepreneurs, when they took time out to listen to their own voice, their life took a fresh turn in a new and completely unique direction. Their route to their personal branding.

Your choice: The final decision will be your own, so don’t expect other people to understand. If you are doing something differently to what they might expect, it will be hard for them to accept the change.

However, you can see the end result and feel the burning desire inside. Trust yourself to do the work necessary because this is you. This is what you want. Your personal branding. You may not be able to see the full journey, but you can see the destination. Trust yourself, stay focused on what you want and pursue your dreams.

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