Kylie Jenner

The Kylie Jenner effect – How personal branding made her a billionaire

Kelly Millar
August 19, 2019

With Kylie Jenner now worth an estimated $900 million at the age of just 20 years old, even some of the most successful business owners might be left scratching their heads.  How did she go from zero to hero in just three short years? The answer is simple, she understood the importance of personal branding, especially in today’s digital age. Below we’ll look at how Kylie Jenner leveraged social media and personal branding in more detail.

Utilising the social media age

Kylie Jenner understood that in order to build and leverage her social media following, which currently stands at around 110 million, she was just as much a brand as she was a person. She learned to market herself in order to market her products. Posting every few hours, Jenner shares pouting selfies and snippets of her glamorous life – all featuring her own products.

And it’s important to remember at this stage, that each of those 110 million followers on social media is a potential customer. That’s a lot of potential sales that can result from just a few minutes spent posting pictures on Instagram or sharing her thoughts on Twitter.

In fact, Jenner has leveraged her social media accounts and built her personal brand so astronomically that she is now on the cusp of becoming a billionaire. But more than that, she has become somewhat of a phenomenon, she is now a household name.

kylie jenner

The importance of personal branding

Entrepreneur. Business woman. Influencer. Kylie Jenner is many things thanks to her deep understanding of how to sell herself as a brand and how to make the most of social media. She is a prime example of how far you can go if you carefully develop and utilise your personal brand and why it is so important to being successful right now.

Whether you take the initiative to boost your career, make your business more profitable, expand your network or simply just to inspire others – in order to create your best life it’s time to take the leap, invest in yourself and create your personal branding, and fast!

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