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Unlock your true identity with these essential personal branding tips

Kelly Millar
March 25, 2019

When we feel unfulfilled, mechanical and empty, it is because we have not yet been able to unlock our true identity. Deep down there is an underlying feeling that our authentic selves have not had room to grow. Instead, we realise that pressure, instruction, limitations and the desires of others, have held us back from discovering our own personal branding. Our true identity – who we are, what we want and need, deep down in our core.

How do you find it? How do you unlock your true identity, build your personal branding and find real fulfilment? Read on for the top 4 key ways to unlock your true identity and live on a higher level.

Top 4 ways to unlock your true identity and build your personal branding:

Find your freedom: For most of us, from early in life, limitations begin to interfere with our personal branding. The musts, shoulds and have-tos begin to dictate who we should be. When we look to those who are successful, such as Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos and Lori Cheek we see that they live a life without boundaries.

The entrepreneurial spirit is to look beyond, to see opportunities and possibilities where others can’t. To think freely and do things differently, uniquely. When we build our personal branding in this way, we can release our unique and authentic self. Our true identity, free from the conditioning of others.

Do what you like: Remember that Take That song – Do what you like? The thing is, we don’t. Take some time out, on your own to think about what makes you happy. Where and when you feel peaceful. Consider what you want next out of life. Then build a time-bound plan for the rest of your life. One that leaves you without any regrets about things that you did not do when you look back on your life.

Stop: Press the pause button, take your foot off the pedal and don’t be afraid to change the journey if you realise it is not right. The most successful people are not afraid to stop and redirect their path.

If you feel unfulfilled, take a moment to think about what you need. If it is drastically different to the path that you are on now – don’t be afraid to start again – on a completely different journey.

Must-haves: We all have essentials – our own personal fuel. What’s yours? What are your deal-breakers, your must-haves, your no-nos. So often we lack the boldness to own them, say them and set them in stone.

Jeff Bezos is successful because he had his must-haves and despite the negative feedback from so many places, he carries on operating within them regardless. His personal branding is strong because he knows exactly what his true identity is.

It takes a lot of courage to unlock and follow your true identity. Building your own personal branding can be overwhelming and intimidating, so you may want to enlist the help of expert personal branding consultants London or expert thought leadership to help you on your journey.
We will help you to unlock your true identity and build your personal brand, email: info@kmtransformational.com or call: +44 (0) 207 971 7718.
Do you have a personal identity success story? What are your top three must-haves? Share your stories with us on our social channels and connect with us.

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