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Why you need to embrace your personal power!

Kelly Millar
January 7, 2019

In order to be happy and to live your best life, you need to embrace and nurture your personal power. This is the force inside you, your strength, creativity and confidence to strive for what you want.

Everyone has this power within them, yet so many choose not to use it; whether that’s because they lack in confidence, or because they’re afraid of coming across as arrogant. Whatever the reason, if you want to thrive and reach your goals, you must embrace your personal power.

In doing so, you’ll be taking charge of your life. You’ll be accepting responsibility for your decisions. Giving yourself motivation to set goals and realise your dreams. By embracing your personal power you’ll take back control and create a life you can’t wait to wake up to every day.  

Easier said than done, right? Expressing your personal power takes time and practise. But if you’re willing to put the time in, you really will see a positive change in yourself and your lifestyle. So here are five tips to help you get started.

Make a list of what’s holding you back

Take some time to have a real think about what is holding you back and then make a list. Are you worried what others will think? Are you afraid to come across as arrogant? Are you too busy putting others before yourself? Whatever the reason you’ve yet to fully embrace your power, make a list so you can begin putting positive changes in place.

Set boundaries

If one of your biggest problems is that you’re not making enough time for yourself, or that you’re always putting others first – you need to set some boundaries! Allow yourself some me-time. Make yourself promises and give yourself a break every now and then. In time, others will feel the positive effects as you become the best version of yourself.  

Be kind to yourself

Are you your biggest critic? Sadly, we find it all too easy to get down on ourselves, to tell ourselves that we aren’t good enough or that we’re not achieving what we should be. Cut yourself some slack and be kind to yourself. Work at silencing those negative voices in your mind and you’ll find that you’re happier, more productive and more empowered.

Set yourself goals

You can start small, but set yourself some goals to work towards. This will give you direction and teaches you to develop and express your personal power in order to achieve your aims. It will also give you an immense sense of achievement every time you reach a new goal.  

embrace your power

Trust yourself

Finally, it’s another tricky one, but learning to trust in your own abilities will give you a huge confidence boost you didn’t know was possible! You are great, embrace this and embrace you’ll find your personal power!

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