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Building Brand You: What Are You REALLY Saying Online?

Kelly Millar
February 16, 2020

Think before you post is the new think before you speak. Social media has become so prevalent now people often turn to it as a crutch to aid them to say things they wouldn’t usually be able to express. It’s a great outlet to spark debate, meet new people, and get in touch with many people at one time – but it has downsides.

Recent surveys have showed that a huge percentage of employers screen their applicant’s social media before they offer them a job. With something this serious in mind, how do you think you come across on social media? What can you do to ensure your social media represents you as a personal brand?

Use the ten minute rule

The ten minute rule is very simple. If you create a post, leave it as a draft for ten minutes. When you go back to it ask yourself if it still seems like something sensible to post and if it is relevant. If the answer is no then it is probably not something worth posting.

Quality over quantity

The more you post on social media the more it looks like you are not putting time and effort into your other projects or life in general. If you update your status or tweet often it is likely you will become one of those people who other people just tend to ignore because they post too often. Keep it limited and ensure you only speak when you want to share something of quality. Remember you are creating your personal branding.

Think about how much you are sharing

We have all heard of the classic horror story of people sharing their holidays on social media only to come back and find out they have been burgled. Well this is real, it happens, and it is a prime example of the bad that can come from oversharing. Security reasons aside, if you have very conservative views or you feel very strongly about something that is controversial it may be better left off of social media. If you do feel you need to use it as an outlet set up a private profile for close friends and a public one for colleagues and acquaintances.

Use common sense

The best litmus paper for a social media post is your own common sense. If you look at something and you don’t think you should be posting it – then you probably shouldn’t.

Personal brand online

Know what drives you

What led you to pick your career or your major in university? What lights you up? Are there any causes or organisations that you are passionate about and relate to who you are? If they do, work them into your life and schedule and share them with your audience. Tell the world what you want to represent you and your personal brand.

Be Authentic

Don’t avoid using your favourite colours on your website, for fear of sending the wrong message or having a dynamic logo, as it may be too bold. When it comes to designing your brand, go with your instincts. Use your unusual name, highlight what makes you unique. What makes you uniquely you, is what you need to share with the world. Sharing your authentic self is what gives you your personal power and gives your personal brand substance and strength. If you're not sure how to put it all together, do a few sessions with a personal branding professional. The way in which you deliver your brand is key.

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