Kick-start your day with morning routines from the world’s most successful people

Kelly Millar
January 15, 2019

Morning routines can make or break your day. Does your routine involve being productive and starting the day right, or rolling out of bed last minute and rushing out the door to work, breakfast in hand?

It can be tempting to hit snooze and lay there for just five more minutes, but as entrepreneurs have proved time and time again, getting your morning routine right is the key to success.

In fact, big names such as Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett and Jeff Bezos all make sure they’re up by 8:00 every day. And while you might think they turn immediately to their overflowing inboxes and work calls, they don’t! This certainly isn’t going to start them off on the right foot.

Below are a list of the morning routines of some of the world’s most successful people. Here’s why you should introduce these into your daily routine.

Wake up at the same time

Set your alarm for the same time every day – yep, even on your days off! This will help to synchronise your body clock and kick-start your morning routine. It also means you won’t struggle getting up on Monday morning’s after a weekend of lying in!


Don’t just jump straight into your busy life. Take some time each morning to clear your mind, focus and set your intentions for your day. Inspirational people like Oprah start every day by meditating, as this is proven to reduce stress, increase clarity and boost your energy throughout the day. Even if it’s just 10 minutes, focus on what you want to create and why you’re doing it.


Richard Branson and Bob Iger get up by 6:00 AM to ensure they have time to fit in a work out. This not only gets your endorphins flowing nice and early, but it also ensures you find time to exercise. Leave it until the end of a busy day and you might find you end up skipping your work out altogether.

high performance routines

Drink water

Many successful people have said that the first thing they do when they get out of bed is to drink a large glass of water. There are so many health benefits to drinking plenty of water, but this is a great way to boost your metabolism and to flush out toxins. It’s such a simple but effective step to add to your morning routine.

Set your goals

One of the first things Arianna Huffington does (after exercising) is to plan her goals for the day. It doesn’t have to be a huge target, but each day set yourself just one task that will get you closer to your end goal. This will also give you focus for the day ahead and help you to feel like you’re taking real steps on your journey.

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