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Why now is a critical time to focus on building your brand

Kelly Millar
April 4, 2020

With much of the world currently on lockdown due to the coronavirus, the world has suddenly gone much more virtual. If you've been putting off focusing on your brand - personal or professional, you cannot any longer. There is no longer a choice. Everyone will need to use their online presence and digital tools to lead people, create content, sell, develop their careers, and provide their value virtually throughout this crisis and the foreseeable future. The world is changing and fast.


This is the time to:








We all have a voice, message and a mission to share, and everyone can make an impact and a living in the digital economy. It is a crucial time to rebrand, to get online and to establish a personal, professional or company brand so that you can stand out and aren't left behind.


JK Rowling for example has in association with Audible, Bloomsbury, OverDrive, Pottermore Publishing andScholastic launched Harry Potter at Home, which is a free online resource to support parents, teachers and carers trying to keep children educated during the lockdown.  It includes resources such as audiobooks, reading activities, drawing challenges, etc.


While Joe Wicks the director of The Body Coach, is doing his part to keep the nation active, feeling positive and healthy during the outbreak by releasing daily PE lessons via YouTube which are specifically aimed at children but can be enjoyed by the whole family.


Another inspiring example how to utilise your personal brand to boost business is Sundhar Pinchai CEO of google, who has made their video conferencing service Google Hangouts free for all G-Suite customers until the 1st July 2020.  They have also offered 4,000 Chromebooks to students in California and free WIFI to 100, 000 rural households during the coronavirus outbreak to make distance learning more accessible.  


Jeff Weiner current CEO of Linkedln is helping the brand standout by offering the Linkedln platform as a free recruitment tool for the next 3 months for hospitals and essential services around the world to recruit the critical staff that they need to fight the crisis.    


The common theme in each of the examples is the use of personal and professional brands to create opportunities for business growth and to offer value during this current crisis and beyond.  Wouldn’t you like a slice of this pie too?  


If so, then now is the time to focus on building your brand rather than trying to play catch up in the future as at the present moment you have a captive audience to engage with.

brand identity now


However, it is not just a case of jumping in, as you need to ensure that you have a well-planned and thought out branding strategy with a clear, cohesive message and objectives.   


If this all seems too overwhelming to handle on your own, do get in touch with us as we offer a range of personal branding and company branding packages and programmes to help support you with this process. Our bespoke branding and online programme covers:


  • Analysing your present brand and uncovering & developing an effective, powerful, authentic branding strategy
  • Tailored rebranding for launches & transitions
  • Helping you design/refine and shape your personalised trademark, brand story, values and messaging
  • Creating online awareness to reach your target market effectively
  • Implementing digital tools to boost your brand presence
  • Thought Leadership
  • Social Media analysis and development
  • Bespoke branding Social Media and PR Media campaigns
  • Customised Personal Branding and leadership coaching


All of our services are offered online, via Zoom video conferencing, so get in touch and prioritise your brand, career and business. Now is the time to set yourself apart in a crowded digital world, and not be left behind. The pandemic has created new opportunities and your online brand presence is more important than ever.

Contact us at: if you're ready to build a dynamic brand and online presence that stands out and makes the impact you want. For expert Personal Branding Consultants London call: +44 (0) 207 971 7718.


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