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Brand You - Branding From The Inside Out

Kelly Millar
August 5, 2020

Your brand starts with you. 

You are the driving force behind your business and career. It is your vision, passion and your hard work. You are the one that controls how others see you and your business, giving each credibility and authenticity. If you don’t have a strong personal brand, you will never have a strong corporate brand.

Given the current situation and the seismic virtual shift that we are experiencing in the way we do business and the desire for genuineness and transparency, building your personal brand has never been more important than NOW.

When you hear Tesla, you think of Elon Musk. When you think of Apple, you think of Steve Jobs. When you see the Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington usually springs to mind. Why is that? It’s because they are synonymous with the brands that they have built up, and shows just how effective strong personal branding can be. 

“Your personal brand is a promise to your clients… a promise of quality, consistency, competency, and reliability.”  - Jason Hartman

Your brand tells a story. It is more thanthe logo that you use or the colour scheme you have across your business stationery. It is the values and philosophy that you embrace, your experience,and what you represent, which resonates with clients. A successful personal brand maintains tone and voice in every interaction, drawing customers into a story of positivity and authenticity, a story that they want to play a part in and can relate to. The good news is your personal brand already exists -, who you are and what you represent, your personality, reputation, values and perceived authority in your field of expertise or niche.

Show your values and authenticity

64% of global consumers say that they would buy from a brand - or boycott it - based on their stance on particular social and political issues. (Edelman, 2019). However, don’t feign interest in something that doesn’t hold any value to you. Consumers are savvy - most people follow a range of businesses across social media and recognise when a brand is not being authentic.

Showing up as the real you and living your brand is what reaches and inspires others. When it comes to choosing which brands to lend their support to, 86% of consumers state that authenticity is a key factor (Stakla, 2019). Your brand must show that it cares about more than just making a profit - the dedication to customer care, values, quality,and sustainability needs to be showcased. That comes from inside you. Be honest if you mess up; look at Innocent. When they make a mistake - they use it to their advantage. They apologise and show that they have learned from the experience with the humour for which they are so well known.  Brands are remembered for the way they handle challenges - make sure yours is memorable for the right reasons.

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Create your brand presence

Creating an online presence is essential in an increasingly digital world when it comes to your branding strategy. Sharing carefully curated content on social media and on your business website or blog will not only help you to connect with a wider audience and demonstrate who you are and what you care about, but it will help establish you as an industry expert and thought leader, illustrating your knowledge, experience and your ability to keep up with the latest innovations in your sector.

Your personal branding is your story. Tell your story. Now it is more important than ever to show up, and let your consumers and the world know what you are all about and what you have to contribute.

Kickstart your comeback and start today to build your personal and company brands and ensure you will thrive in our new business world! Get in contact as we would love to help:  All of our services are offered remotely online as well, so start today, to grow your brand to make the impact you want and reach your next level of success. For expert Personal Branding Consultants in London  call:+44 (0) 207 971 7718.

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