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Successful entrepreneurs – How do you define success?

Kelly Millar
February 26, 2019

Entrepreneurs each have their own unique perspective on life, so when it comes to how to define success, it is not as easy as you may think. For some, success is accumulation, be it the numbers in the bank, achievements or trophies – their physical store is how they define success. For most successful entrepreneurs, to define success is much more complex.

Lets take a look at how successful entrepreneurs define success:

How happy do you feel when you wake up in the morning? For most of us, as entrepreneurs we have decided to pursue a path unwritten, for our own self- fulfilment.

Thus it is no surprise that for entrepreneurs, the greatest measure of success is not wealth but your own happiness. We all know that even with millions in the bank, money can’t buy you happiness, it simply buys you options.

Why is happiness a definition of success for successful entrepreneurs?

If you can wake up happy most mornings, you have peace, fulfilment and rest. Yearning, regret and frustration are the outcomes of goals unmet, success unachieved and fulfilment not reached.

When we have dug deep into our desires and taken the steps to bring them to fruition, regardless of the direction of the path, then we can truly say that we have been successful.


Having the courage to follow your own voice, brings with it self-empowerment, self-belief, self respect and deep satisfaction – the critical components of wellbeing. As you build your own personal brand, on your own terms, you are writing your own parameters for success. Your personal brand brings with it, success as you need it because a strong brand creates opportunities.

Whether your personal brand says that success is to live the rustic life on a farmhouse in the hills in Tuscany, to run your own non-profit on a smaller salary, to establish your own bed and breakfast on an island in the sun, to work flexible hours and have more time for your children, today, more than any other time in history, we have the freedom to pursue our own personal brand, to put our wellbeing first and discover our own unique requirements for success.

What do you need to wake up happy tomorrow?

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